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Our services

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We can help you in the services below, Masseria members have qualifications, expertise and experience in these areas. For all other requests contact us.


The Masseria team will respond to your electricity requests, whether new or renovated. A complete renovation or securing of your accommodation.

We carry out our installations according to the NFC 15-100 standard. For a simple security of the accommodation and to meet the allure law we will follow the XP C16-600 standard.

We are qualified in the field of housing and small tertiary (qualifelec) and we also have a qualification for photovoltaics (quali SPV) within the limit of 36Kw peaks.

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The MASSERIA team is trained and qualified to install a “grid-connected photovoltaic generator” installation.

Solar energy is an inexhaustible and FREE energy … only the initial investment is expected. Today manufacturers offer products guaranteed 20 years more reliable and more efficient.

For total resale or for self-consumption with resale of surplus.

We do a personalized study according to your home and your needs.

State aid is granted for individuals or professionals who wish to consume their own electricity.


Renovation of walls, assembly of partitions, counter-partitions, ceilings, insulation of walls, creation of storage spaces, decoration … based on plaster.

An essential component of all thermal, sound and fireproofing systems, plaster contributes to improving both comfort and the aesthetic environment.

Plaster mainly designates a building material with insulating or flame retardant properties, industrially made from the rocky raw material that is gypsum.


The MASSERIA company strives to find the healthiest and ecological materials possible, in order to create interior comfort.

We use ancient materials used by peoples for thousands of years and their effectiveness is no longer to be proven.


Insulation at Masseria Duras



Insulation protects the interior of the home from the influence of the exterior, both thermally and acoustically. As the saying goes, “the best energy is the energy you don’t consume” and insulation makes this possible. Coupled with an economical heating solution, it is guaranteed to lower your energy bills.

The masseria team offers you different types of insulation and installation, with aids (CEE, and tax credit) thanks to the qualification RGE qualibat (recognized Grenelle of the environment)

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