Learn more about Plastering


There are 3 types of plastering:

Traditional plastering is the traditional origin, as its name suggests, of our trade.

This involves making structures (partitions, ceilings, vaults, niches, stairs, fireplaces, colored plaster, waxed, scraped, etc.), using powdered plaster mixed with water to assemble and coat various supports, including mostly plastered bricks.

Its application can subsequently be manual or by mechanical projection.


Dry plastering

Dry plastering is used to decorate the interior of buildings (ceilings, partitions, boxes, ducts, etc.), using plasterboard mechanically fixed by screwing to metal profiles or glued directly to a support.

As for plasterboard, the plaster core and the cardboard surrounding it are traditional, natural and dry materials.

The plasterboard and its perfectly smooth surface can create volumes of all kinds, whether for decoration or decoration, and to treat thermal, acoustic and fire protection comfort.


Decorative plastering

Decorative plastering allows you to create layouts, customizable and tailor-made decorations that will make your home a unique place … Yours.