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Discover the natural coatings we use The stucco Stucco, the technique of which dates back to Antiquity, is a thinly dyed plaster (one or two millimeters) Based on fatty lime, it is used for covering ceilings and walls, both indoors and outdoors. Stucco can imitate marble, it is composed of lime, vegetable glue, and marble […]

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Know more about insulation

Insulation protects the interior of the home from the influence of the exterior, both thermally and acoustically. As the saying goes, “the best energy is the energy you don’t consume” and insulation makes this possible. The diversity of the offer There is a large choice of insulation materials. Whether it is glass wool, cellulose wadding, […]

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Learn more about Plastering

TRADITIONAL PLASTERING There are 3 types of plastering: Traditional plastering is the traditional origin, as its name suggests, of our trade. This involves making structures (partitions, ceilings, vaults, niches, stairs, fireplaces, colored plaster, waxed, scraped, etc.), using powdered plaster mixed with water to assemble and coat various supports, including mostly plastered bricks. Its application can […]

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Learn more about the electricity of your home

WHY RENOVATE YOUR ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION? NEW INSTALLATION : We will accompany you to make an electrical plan to best meet your needs. You will be given a technical booklet with a single line diagram of your installation. We will do the Consuel file for the opening of your electric subscription. INSTALLATION IN RENOVATION : 1 […]

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